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Does your Webdesign or Marketing company provide you with the following?

  • A range of online services to help you get the most from your investment
  • Regular feedback and statistics about your online efforts
  • Regular updates about changes to the tools you use online
  • Solid advice and education where you need it
  • Clear explanations of search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, advertising and all the varied flavours of social media that are hyped today.

If the answer is no to any of these questions then you urgently need to speak to a company who understands that...

  • a Website is nothing more than a marketing tool
  • this Website is just one aspect of your business's online presence
  • Regular measurement of your activities will show you what is working online and what you need to change
  • Online marketing is an ongoing strategy - not a one-time project - and should evolve with the Internet and with your business

Of course Strands can help you but the best advice is to shop around and decide for yourself. Feel free to make a start and contact us via the contact form or via the about page.

The blog has been discontinued due to other commitments. Thanks for your understanding.